Check Out The Developer Room In Fallout 4

PC gamers are at it again.

This time, a developer test room was found in Fallout 4. By typing in “coc qasmoke” into command prompts, you get to explore all the junk, weapons, and items in the game. Even every available suit of Power Armor is in there. Any holotape in the game is accessible from this location as well.

The room is found in a special town square that the character gets teleported to. While developers use this room to test items and brainstorm, players can use this room to play around in and see what items to look for in the game. Simply get the item codes and voila.

Special note, however: this room is only available on PC. Console gamers cannot access this room.

To leave the developer room, type in “COE 1 1” in the console.


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