Guys, first of all, thanks for taking the time out of your busy Fallout 4 gaming time just to read this article. We are having a very hard time putting the game up as well, so the feeling is mutual. We promise to make it worth everyone’s time.

Here’s some tips that’ll ensure your time in the game is even more fun and efficient:

  1. Explore. This sounds obvious, but many times, people get hooked on the main story line. That’s not the only option, in fact, if you explore, you get more progress done. Leveling, looting, enemy kills. Just make sure not to take on anything overly hard from the get go, but you know that already.
  2. Leave that power armor off. If you’re exploring, you better leave the armor off, since the fusion cores to operate it aren’t exactly easy to find. You’re just wasting energy.
  3. Clothes really are everything. If you look like a bum, being charismatic is going to be harder. Change according to what you’re doing.
  4. Hording is a blessing. It’s apocalypse now, and everything is worth something. You never know when that stupid trash is going to save your life. Keep things! Keep it all! Just dump it before exploring, so you can hoard some more! Use those grimy hands of yours! Embrace the sticky fingers.
  5. Don’t sell armor or weapons, it’s not worth your time. Wait for the Scrapper perk and just break it down. Get more out of everything, that’s the whole point of the game.
  6. The Gun Nut perk can make weak guns better. And finding a decent gun early? Not a chance.
  7. A wide variety of weapons means different ammo types. This can save your life if you’re running out of ammo.
  8. You know those legendary enemies the game warns you about? Take them on, they have loot you need. If you die, keep at it. Obnoxious as it is, it’ll be worth it.
  9. Building and protecting communities is optional. Do it if you like, don’t do it if you don’t. There’s so much to do in the game, it might be best to wait to do this until you’re really tired of exploring. If it even gets to that point.
  10. Stimpaks are for your use only. Don’t waste them on companions, because they’ll get up eventually. Stimpaks are hard to come by, scarce, so you’ll be a fool if you just…waste them.

There you go, guys. Now we can all go back to what’s important. Priorities and all that. Being an adult is terrible, but at least we can let life slip away for a while thanks to the Bethesda team. Thanks, Bethesda. We love you.

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