Sony’s Paris Games Week has been treating us well lately, especially with the latest news today. As it turns out, Quantic Dream, the developer team known for their work on Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, is working on what they call Detroit: Beyond Human.

Based on the “Kara” tech demo they debuted in 2012, Detroit seems to explain what happens to Kara after escaping the lab. More so, in the game, Detroit is called Android City, perhaps hinting at heavy android story lines.

The exciting part here is that not only is there a trailer to watch, it’s also been confirmed that this project will be available on PS4, along with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. That’s some exciting news right there.

What do you think of the project? Will you be playing it, and replaying the two classics that Quantic Dream is known for? Let us know in the comments section below!


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