There’s a new game type in the PC version of Terraria, available when creating a new world: expert mode. As expected, and judging by the title, this mode is no joke.

For starters, enemies have twice the health, twice the damage, and different behavior patterns now. The difference will sink in almost immediately when you die from enemies that used to simply be annoying. That means the enemies that you used to laugh at and kill easily are no joke anymore – they’re flat-out dangerous.

To add salt to the wound, you’ll have lower base health regen. The sword you start with is no longer laughable, yet useful: now it’s pointless. Shelter is key, and is something you should do as soon as you spawn in the world. This also means that armor is more important than ever before, even those that are just two levels better than what you have on.

By this point you may be thinking that playing with multiple friends is the answer, but Terraria means business: the bosses will gain more health for every in-game player.

There are, however, new expert mode and boss specific items available now. Check out the following list for the updates:

• Enemies and Bosses have increased health and damage.
• Enemies drop more loot.
• Some enemies spawn with weapons that have a small chance to drop on death.
• You will drop up to 75% of your money when you die.
• Enemies can pick up dropped money. They’ll shine if they have your money when you bump into them again.
• Respawn time is longer when dead.
• Monsters can now spawn in safe locations, but not very often.
• Pots now contain more loot.
• Ice creatures can officially freeze you with attacks.
• Quest rewards grant more money.
• As for bats, two words: Feral Bite.
• Vampiric and Spectre healing is slightly less effective.
• Your Defense stat now has greater affect on damage you receive.

Don’t forget, check out the game and let us know how you like Terraria’s expert mode!


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