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Backwards Compatibility: Do We Care?

Xbox One has a lot going on lately, mainly their backwards compatibility. In fact, it’s just been leaked that this compatibility may be extended to original Xbox games at some point. And just two days ago, Xbox executive Kudo Tsunoda, Tweeted that Xbox One is doing things that PS4 simply can’t do.

Perhaps Tsunoda didn’t remember, but PlayStation jumped in the backwards compatibility wagon years ago, and even though gamers enjoyed it for a while, it died off. With PlayStation Now, and all the remasters and reboots available, gamers seem to be doing fine with their PS4 consoles.

Rather than researching what the executives had to say, we opted to find out what the general gaming population had to say, and the answers seem to be mixed. While most gamers say they’d enjoy backwards compatibility on PS4, they also say it doesn’t determine their overall happiness. In fact, they’re fine without it. Some gamers say they don’t even care. Many still own older consoles, including PS2 and PS3, as well as the Xbox 360, and purchase re asters that allow them to play older games.

This begs the question: is backwards compatibility really worth it? Is it truly a selling point? Surely, gamers wouldn’t mind the option on PS4, but overall, it’s not a major issue. Xbox One is promoting their selling point, as they should, but perhaps saying the PS4 can’t do it themselves is incorrect, since PlayStation has done it before, years before Microsoft.

Written by Jennifer Mendez

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