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Ben Stein has some pretty harsh words for President Obama. In an interview with Newsmax TV, Stein criticized Obama’s plan on ISIS and called him a “joke.”

“Mr. Obama has been wrong from day one about ISIS. He called them a JV team, he said that they weren’t really serious or important. He has not in any sense addressed their threat. And he is a bad joke, as the leader of the most important nation in the world, he’s a bad joke.”

He continued by saying that the Commander-in-chief is a danger to country. Mr. Stein also questioned whether Obama wished America well or not.

“He’s a very real danger … The question is, why is he so angry at America? I don’t think there’s much question that he does not wish America well. He has a real strong hatred of America.”

Since the terrorist attacks in Paris, Obama has taken criticism from a lot of commentators. His plan to fight ISIS hasn’t changed and he said that it will not change. This has upset many, especially when France’s president, Francois Hollande, declared war against ISIS and said France would be “merciless.”

Even Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic senator from California, disagrees with the president. She said that we should launch major attacks on ISIS with coalition forces.

“They just put out a video saying it is their intent to attack this country. I think we have to be prepared,”

Despite the fact that a Syrian passport was found near the body of one of the terrorists, Obama has not paused the mass-immigration of Syrian refugees. Since one of the terrorists is reported to have posed as a Syrian refugee to gain entry into France, it only makes sense to put a hold on America’s refugee plan.

So far, 31 governors–mostly Republican–have said that Syrian refugees are not welcome in their states. Whether that will actually stop Syrians from coming to their states is unlikely.