It’s been a long battle, with Xbox One prices dropping in small increments over time since its release, PS4’s sales being at an all-time high, and then…the inevitable bundle wars. Ultimately, both are good consoles, both are meant for gaming, and yet, also do so much more.

However, the competition really boils down to which is directed more toward gaming, which is what consoles are all about. Xbox One has added features since launch and made it more appealing, especially with the drop in price, but…is it as gaming oriented as the PS4? Which is the one that developers gravitate toward, more so? Gamers?

Ironically, the answer is simple. Despite being a lengthy argument, it’s not that complicated, because there is one sure-fire way to know: Xbox Live Gold vs. PlayStation Plus. Both claim to save players money, and provide some tempting features, such as free games. According to a comparison chart by IGN, PlayStation wins, saving players a total of $1,136.79, versus $1,006.52 with Gold. According to the poll, also hosted by IGN, players tend to think that PS Plus offered the best deals in 2015.

That being said, gathering information in the comments, personal research, and our very own poll, players aren’t too keen on the games being offered for free through PS Plus. It seems players have downloaded only a handful, all year long, and have completed even less. From our own poll, financially restricted players, or those stuck in a rut, will be more inclined to invest time and complete these games. Otherwise, most tend to purchase games, expand their collection, and ignore the free games offered.

In fact, in both the comments through IGN’s article, and our own poll, players always brought up Steam, claiming they have better sales than Gold or PS Plus combined. They do have a point here, since Steam allows players to create a wishlist of games. The minute one of them goes on sale, the player is notified, and can get games anywhere from $2 to $4.99. The catch is that these aren’t on PS4 or Xbox One, they’re PC games. It brings forth the question of which provides players with better options, and opportunities to save money? While consoles provide freebies, they aren’t everyone’s ideal games. While Steam offers amazing sales, they’re geared toward PC gamers.

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