My Thoughts On Walking Dead Season 5

Season 4 of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ ended with Rick and company locked in a train cab in the not so safe sanctuary called Terminus. For several episodes before the finale, the various members of the group traveled to Terminus, battling zombies ¬†and other survivors all along the way. Once the group–or most of it–finally reaches Terminus, it’s clear that it is ‘No Sanctuary’ as the title of the episode 1 of season 5 suggests.

In ‘No Sanctuary’ the group is still held captive by a band of murderous cannibals. Luckily, at just the right moment, Carol single handedly stages an attack on the Terminus. Carol’s attack distracts the captors while the group escapes.

This is becoming a common theme in The Walking Dead. The group gets into trouble–usually with other survivors–and then miraculously, escapes harm. I guess there isn’t much else you can do with a zombie show, but come on. We know the group is invincible now, just let them get to D.C.

Another strange aspect of the show lately is that every other survivor they come in contact with is hostile. It seems like there would be some good people left, doesn’t it? Anyways, enjoy episode 2 tonight!

Chance Moschell

Chance Moschell

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